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Live Continuing Legal Education Seminars - December 2019

PA Attorney credits are electronically accredited via the ASAPNEXUS.


Memo September 6, 2019 from Professional Development Department on CLE course catalogue. HERE: Memo September 6, 2019 Professional Development Department

To download our latest PREVIEW full PA CLE catalogue, including registration process, full course listings and descriptions, about the CRXJEM company, FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions), and schedules for the next few years, a no charge, complimentary (no email required), HERE for 120 page pdf file (X.XX MB) : PREVIEW December 2019 PA CLE Introductory Catalogue

Our December PA CLE 2019 Course Catalogue (approximately 120 pages) will be posted on November 1, 2019

Adversting is due prior.

* Note that the P.R.E. Rule 7 and Marketing CLE will not be offered in CLE version 2020 and 2021 during updates. Law firms seeking the NON CLE 4 hour presentation shoudl contact Events Department for details. Memo Here: Memo on Rule 7 PA CLE and Presentation

We know your clients are paying for the best advice you can provide them. Our seminars help you do that effectively. The venues we select to present at are WiFi capable because we know your time is valuable, and we know you all need to stay connected to your clients between breaks in seminars. Live seminars allow us to tailor knowledge to meet your needs, not a broad generic slide presentation or just someone talking behind a lecturn.

Our e-learning centers for seminars are designed to be used in conjunction with the live seminar and for 30 days afterwards with extra reference materials, because we know our seminars are so pact with knowledge that you might want time to further explore. Included are the case briefings from the seminars in PDF form for ease of reference and portability in the modern age.

But if you love paper, we can have a booklet printed for you as well!

Please be aware that you will not receive a physical ticket, per our Shipping Statement, you only need your attorney ID to attend.

Privacy Policy

There are no refunds. If you are experiencing hardship, please refer to the financial hardship policy.

Venues - December T.B.D.
Venues To Be Determined

Parking is available.

Bridge The Gap ($T.B.D.)
4 Ethics
8:00am - 12:00pm

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P.R.E. Rule 7 and Marketing Introduction* ($300)
1.5 Ethic and 0.0 Substantive
3:15pm - 5:00pm (last)

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Courses in Tech/Law & Business/Law ($300)
#.0 Substantive and #.# Ethics
8:00am - 5:00pm

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Location & Driving Directions for G.A.P.S. CLEs
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The Radnor Hotel - December XX, 2019
591 Lancaster Avenue, Wayne, PA 19087

The Radnor is a full service hotel, including free parking and WiFi. As a bonus for attorneys that have purchased their course in advance, we have coordinated with The Radnor Hotel to provide special rates for attorneys who are traveling to attend our CLE or who want to take advantage of a relaxing stay before (or after) our event. Please call if you would like our discounted FULL DAY Radnor Package.

Bridge The Gap ($T.B.D.)
4 Ethics
8:00am - 12:00pm

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Lunch will take place from 12pm - 1pm and is included with any courses taking place that day.

Courses in Tech/Law and Businss/Law ($T.B.D.)
#.# Substantive and #.# Ethics
8:00am - 5:00pm

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Courses in Tech/Law and Business/Law ($T.B.D.)
#.# Substantive and #.# Ethics
3:00pm - 5:00pm

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Location & Driving Directions for Radnor CLEs
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Payment Information

We process online payments (including credit cards) through PayPal. We also accept mail in payments via business checks and money orders. Cash payments are accepted in person only.
For financial hardship (per PA CLE Board regulations) please refer to the following policy.

For course credit information visit

Live Webinar Information

Live webinars

Webinar Brochure HERE

Platform information HERE T.B.D.

Additional Information

For any additional information or questions concerning the present seminars, sponsorship requests, or bringing custom CLEs to our venue please: email us at or call us at (646) 645-8172.

F.A.Q.s about CLE's HERE

How we develop new topical areas for CLE HERE

Our process of developing new CLE courses HERE

Stakeholders that matter to CRXJEM in developing materials HERE

Who is paying for the R & D, and marketing of CLEs HERE

What's the future of CLE - Vision 2030 HERE

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This December complaince for 2019 is last of 2010's version for P.R.E. Rule 7 and Marketing. Law firms may schedule the NON CLE 4 hour version after February 2020. See Memo here.

April PA CLE's Compliance Information Here:

CRXJEM's Professional Development's Department's complimentary April 2020 PA CLE catalogue, Vol VII, Number 1, including registration process, full course listings and descriptions, topics of note, attendee information, book briefs of note, addtional education information. Thiscomplimentary (no email required), digital published version does not included attendee information providered at seminars.HERE for XX page pdf file (XX.XX MB) : April 2020 PA CLE Introductory Catalogue

Events Department


Starting in January 2020, Law firms seeking the private 4 hour NON CLE credit "Professional Services Marketing and Professional Conduct Rule 7" need to contact the Events Department for bookings, arrangements, billing, and scheduling, using EV-Form 4. All payments must be made prior and any tailored materials submitted to Art & Creative Department prior to event. Thank you.

Advertising and sponsorships are handled thru the Events Department.

Limited catlogue advertising is available for April, August, and Decemember PA CLE and other multistate jurisdictions.

Event sponsorships are avialable.

See Events Calendar