About Us

About the Business

CRXJEM Consulting LLC is a business management and technical consulting firm based in South Eastern, Pennsylvania. Our footprint is from New York City to Washington, District of Columbia, United States of America. We use analytical tools and methods to assist entrepreneurs, owners, managers, and investors in reaching their business goals by advising them on how to manage and develop in the current macro-economic business environment.

The President leads in expert advice with over 20 years of work experience in various industries and education in a Juris Doctor, MBA, and Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering. We focus on personalized services in consulting along with an Art Department that communicates messages effectively. We use evidence based methods to develop solutions to your business issues, whether needing a business plan, due diligence report, effective strategy, feasibility study, gap analysis, or restructuring plan. These legacy services are being replaced for new clients and customers with our Vision 2030 Initiative as we pass our first decade in business.

Scope of Operations

About the Owner

The founder and owner of CRXJEM Consulting LLC is Christopher Rabzak. Mr Rabzak earned a Bachelor of Science, from the Pennsylvania State University, from the College of Engineering, Department of Aerospace Engineering. While at Penn State, he specialized in aircraft design, advanced materials, and flight testing. His independent research was in environmental effects on smart materials. After many years or work experience, he returned to graduate school to first earn a Juris Doctor from Widener University, School of Law in Wilmington Delaware. He focused on corporate law in the the fields of: Tax Practice, Insurance law, Federal Contracts, Corporate finance, and negotiations. His additional focus work was in Intellectual Property in the fields of: Patent law, copyright, trademark, entertainment law and unfair trade practices.

Mr Rabzak subsequently earned a Master in Business Administration from Widener University, School of Business Administration, Chester, Pa. His focus areas included corporate taxation, micro-economics, macro-economics, and technology in marketing.

After earning his Bachelor of Science, Aerospace Engineering, Mr Rabzak worked the NASA Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio. Besides project management of a variety of research areas in advanced materials, he worked in mechanical testing areas. He published numerous reports. In 1999 he was awarded a NASA Certificate of Recognition. After working at NASA, he moved to Seattle to work for the Boeing Commercial Airplane Group, in advanced structures. Then from Boeing, he moved to Detroit, Michigan, to work for AMP Inc, a division of Tyco Electronics on various projects in developing and supporting electrical connectors for the automotive industry.

Upon graduation from graduate school, Mr Rabzak applied his knowledge and analysis skills in advising various businesses.